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About Us

Located at the West End of Marine Terrace in Swansea Lane, Gemma Baker Jewellers specialise in custom design fine jewellery featuring Abrolhos Island Pearls and Australian Diamonds.

Gemma is a fourth-generation jeweller and leads a team of Jewellers including Master Jewellery Terence Dillon and award-winning Rachel Black. GBJ's
extensive in-house workshop enables direct contact with the client and the tradesman which comes with sound advice and expertise stemming from a
combined experience of more that 80 years!

Some of the items you will find at GBJ:
1. Australian Certified Diamond Engagement Rings. Wedding Rings and Eternity Ring
2. Abrolhos Island Pearls farmed by Jane Liddon. Pelsaert Pearls, Post Office Island, Southern Group.
3. Abrolhos Pearl & Broome Pearl Jewellery
4. Pink Argyle Diamonds and Ellendale Yellow Diamonds including investment Diamonds.
5. GIA Certified White Diamonds
6. Silver & Gold Jewellery
7. Shell Jewellery.
Quality Jewellery Repairs and Servicing, re-modelling from your own gold and stones, custom design and laser engraving are some of the services GBJ
offer. Fast turn-around, good value and sound advice with a smile is guaranteed!
The studio showroom currently represents other jewellery artists like Nikki Biggins 'Artist in Residence', and Jane Liddon of Dog Rock Design and Liddon Pearls.

GBJ Team

Our staff members

Gemma Baker

Owner, Jeweller, Jewellery Designer

Lisa Ayre

Office Manager, Diamond Consultant

Rod Boon

Master Jeweller, Jewellery Designer

Oliver King

Apprentice Jeweller

Jodie Wight

Sales Professional