Fun with the face of GB Jewellers

So it all began when my website designer Bradley Dawson said 'Gemma it would be really good to have some photos of your jewellery on a model'.  We had just begun building my new site and I agreed with his suggestion – I just had to pull it off, find a model, make-up artist, hair designer, manicurist, clothing etc etc etc ... without letting too much time pass .... Tegan Winterbottom is a customer who, over the years, has become a friend (as they do!). Tegan is a farmer from Mingenew and a catwalk model by night so she was the logical choice – I just had to see whether she was available at short notice. Tegan was in the middle of seeding when I asked if she would be 'the face of GB Jewellers'. She accepted and we made a date for the Wednesday of the next week. I've seen Tegan over the years accumulate wounds from charging bulls, bruised legs, scars on her hands and shoulders – to mention only a few 'war wounds' from her line of work, but I didn't want that to hold us back. I didn't want to photoshop Tegan's scars out of the photos because that’s who she is: she's a real working woman who also loves her jewellery. She loves working the land as much as she loves looking glamorous and putting on 'her style' when she comes to town! To me, Tegan represents the theme of the Midwest woman well, with her confidence, her style, her ability to play more than one role at a time. She is exactly the kind of 'face for Gemma Baker Jewellery' I was looking for. We had fun on the day of the shoot, visiting iconic places around town, focusing on the scenes around the beautiful waters of Champion Bay. I wanted to show off Geraldton to the world and deliver the message of 'Made in Geraldton', as all of our jewellery is just that – which is something to be proud of. All designs are original and of the highest standard. In the real world, Tegan wears a lot of our jewellery, including pieces by Larry Williamson and Jane Liddon, and I had the pleasure of making her latest piece of jewellery. We are so pleased Tegan modelled for us – her practicality, sense of originality and style, plus her appreciation of quality is what GB Jewellers are all about. Thanks Tegan!